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Oktober 21, 2013

After Morsi.

by Alexander Schmelzer

The disempowerment of President Morsi by the army and first and foremost the overwhelming majority of the people permitted a necessary course correction for the Egyptian revolution since July of this year and has created room for a transitional Government that is now working to meet the expectations of the overwhelming majority of Egyptians.

The necessity of the decision taken by General Al Sisi goes far beyond the conditions of personal vicinity and loyalty and it obviously exceeds the grasp of many observers.

There were inappropriate responses such as Washington’s, to hold back or reduce the contributions to Egypt instead of supporting the favourable development in Egypt. But manoeuvring was applied on behalf and for the account of the democracy yet to be reached at the Nile. But whose democracy is it? Of course, the United States have the right to their own agenda and their own interests and the right to dispose of their money as they see fit; and also the right to disseminate calculated statements. Other, less influential States, behave similarly. You can feel the intention and you are annoyed.

This is flanked by media that appears as brought into line, virtually at fingertips. The use of the term “system press” is not surprising then. I don’t think that there is a controlled campaign etc., but there is a lack of ability to leave the own frame of reference occasionally, to held a different, unfamiliar  frame of reference possible; or when dealing with others (strangers) to develop a new reference framework for ideas having different content in different cultures.  A short stay in the country to report to the client is not enough for that (an inattentive, longer stay also not). So what is perceived in the own framework of reference is preconceived, squeezed and the hackneyed ideas will be at best a report, at worst a comment, but processed anyway, and eventually presented to an audience that thusly remains either misinformed or misguided. Professional voices that straighten the so created blurred image are there, but find in Western media at present little or no hearing.

Some calculations became obsolete, when some Gulf States announced to support Egypt massively and did so. The already transferred and the sums of money provided in vista exceed the amounts from Washington and elsewhere considerably. Egypt still needs this kind of support from outside. Russia expressed willingness to go even further.

General Al Sisi, who has become a symbol for the cohesion of Egypt, has welcomed the support of the neighbours and rejected an unwanted influence of foreign countries on the Egyptian identity; the country will adhere to the „roadmap“, the political agenda, until the parliamentary elections in 2014.

In the political process, there are currently two focal points: Morsi and Al Sisi. There is no room for more. Both persons are representing political ways which are mutually exclusive. There is no middle ground. The design of the route yet to be elected must and will come later.

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